Coaching, training and route setting within climbing is still a very subjective process and I think I could spend all day try to convince people around me, that what I do is of use….

In the end though, it’s probably better if you just listen to what some of the current and previous climbers I have worked with say about my work! I promise I didn’t bride them that much.


“Tom’s advice and guidance has been invaluable to my continued improvement in climbing. His knowledge about training is second to none, and his methods of assessment are more detailed and scientific than any others I know of.” ~ Alex Barrows

“Tom has played a big part in the success I have had in my International Climbing Competitions over the last 4 years. I would recommend his involvement in your improvement in climbing and as a person to refer to when in need of direction and advice.” ~ Ed Hamer, GB Junior Team

“I’ve been training with Tom for a year now. I was really impressed by his scientific approach to finding my weaknesses and in my first year he coached me up the 35m 8c “Bat Route” at Malham – a level I never thought I’d reach in the endurance style of climbing.” ~ Stu Littlefair

“Through Toms coaching, support and knowledge he has given me the tools to reach a level of climbing I never dreamed of achieving. However it was the motivation and passion that Tom embodies that really enabled me to reach my potential. What I learnt  with Toms help is more than a climbing skill, its a life skill and one that has made who I am. ” ~ Luke Tilley, GB Junior Team

Route Setting

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