Wideboyz Film Available For Download

I’ve decided to progress my somewhat basic web skills into offering the Wideboyz Film that Hotaches produced last year through my website. I never thought I’d see the day where someone would actually want to film me doing something, let alone me being competent enough to sell it! Well, here goes……….

As it turns out, it’s pretty simple really. You just have to click here to buy the film and not long after it’ll be slowly using up all the hard space on your computer! I’ll be donating £1 of every copy of the download sold to Climber’s Against Cancer, which is a charity run by a friend of mine.

You can read about him on my blog or an excellent article here.


Buy the download here:



2 thoughts on “Wideboyz Film Available For Download

  1. Saw the film as part of the touring “Best of Kendal” programme. Very highly recommended. Especially if you are into self-inflicted pain in cellars. ;o)

  2. Buy it, watch it, love it. Amazing. Congratulation.
    We’ve met two years ago in peak, with Antoine (from Annot!). Yous show us your crazy cellar and climb with us in Cubrar (Right eliminate). I keep a good experience of it. Good luck for your next project.

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